1: Harvey Specter, a charismatic and powerful lawyer, is a fan-favorite character from Suits. His presence on a show with Gina Torres would be epic.

2: Mike Ross, a brilliant and resourceful lawyer, is another key character from Suits. Imagine him teaming up with Gina Torres for some legal drama.

3: Donna Paulsen, the sharp-witted and loyal assistant, is loved by Suits fans. Her dynamic with Gina Torres would make for a compelling storyline.

4: Louis Litt, the quirky yet brilliant lawyer, is a memorable character from Suits. Seeing him interact with Gina Torres would be entertaining to watch.

5: Rachel Zane, the clever and compassionate lawyer, adds depth to the Suits series. Her collaboration with Gina Torres would bring a fresh dynamic to the show.

6: Jessica Pearson, the fierce and ambitious lawyer, is a powerhouse character from Suits. Her and Gina Torres would make a formidable team in the legal world.

7: Alex Williams, the sharp and strategic lawyer, is a strong addition to the Suits cast. His collaboration with Gina Torres could lead to some intense courtroom battles.

8: Katrina Bennett, the determined and talented lawyer, brings a unique energy to Suits. Pairing her with Gina Torres would create a compelling dynamic on screen.

9: Robert Zane, the experienced and respected lawyer, is a key figure in the Suits universe. His presence alongside Gina Torres would make for a captivating legal narrative.