1: "Top 12 Cheapest Ski Resorts in the US" - Discover budget-friendly ski destinations for your winter getaway.

2: "1. Bolton Valley, Vermont" - Hit the slopes at this affordable resort with stunning views.

3: "2. Powderhorn Mountain Resort, Colorado" - Experience snow-filled fun without breaking the bank.

4: "3. Ski Cooper, Colorado" - Enjoy family-friendly ski adventures at this hidden gem.

5: "4. Bridger Bowl, Montana" - Embrace the thrills of skiing at this budget-friendly resort.

6: "5. Mad River Mountain, Ohio" - Affordable slopes for all skill levels in the Midwest.

7: "6. Snowshoe Mountain Resort, West Virginia" - Find affordable winter paradise in the Appalachian Mountains.

8: "7. Mount Baker Ski Area, Washington" - Budget-friendly skiing with breathtaking views in the Pacific Northwest.

9: "8. Arizona Snowbowl, Arizona" - Ski on a budget in the sunshine state at this scenic resort.